Christmas Ornament Guitar Pedal Kits

So what exactly are these?

Playable guitar pedal ornament
  • Playable guitar/bass/synth "pedals". Can you jam on your other ornaments? Or hang your other pedals from a tree?
  • Christmas tree ornaments. Gussied up with lights, ribbons, and other cuteness.
  • Kits you build. Instructions are written for the absolute beginner; This kit is perfect to dip your toe into the "DIY guitar pedal" waters. (prebuilt are available too).
  • Ridiculously inexpensive and fun gifts, projects, conversation pieces.

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Octave Up

Circuit: Green Ringer / Tentacle
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Lo-Fi Boost

Circuit: Tape Measure
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Overdrive Distortion

Circuit: Op-amp w/ Clipping
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Circuit: Silicon Fuzz Face
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Auto-wah / Envelope Filter

Circuit: Nurse Quacky
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Instructions & Help

Visit the instructions page for details on building these kits.

Instructions are written for the absolute beginner; This kit is perfect to dip your toe into the "DIY guitar pedal" waters.

Kit Instructions / Help

A fun video

Emily Hopkins (@emilyharpist), an amazing harp player with an equally awesome YouTube channel, put together this video on her experience.

It's quite heart warming.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Guitar Players

What more could you want from a gift? They are...

  • novel and interesting
  • conversation-sparking
  • useful and fun
  • thoughtful and unique
  • and won't break the bank.

Get a handful for coworkers, bandmates, friends, family, neighbors...

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Let it snow (pedals)!

Awesome fun and easy to assemble with detailed instructions and components. Highly recommended!

-- Devin R.

I'll keep buying any additional/different ornaments that come out

These kits are so fun to put together. They're pretty easy to put together, look great, sound good, and it was an inexpensive way to try a couple new sounds I didn't have yet. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the individual parts are all labeled and separated, like I said, pretty easy. My favorites are the...
[read more]

-- Curtis S.

A fun holiday activity

Let's face it: an Christmas ornament that's also a guitar pedal? That's just awesome no matter how you slice it. And as an electronics fan getting to solder it together to make it happen is just... so cool.

-- Nick L.

A great experience

What a great experience. I received everything quickly, the directions were clear and concise while still providing a learning opportunity about the pieces. One kit was missing a piece, but the response was quick and was resolved fast. These made great gifts and I'll be looking forward to putting more together!

-- Nich M.

Love 'em!

Had so much fun building the original set of three with my spouse that we got the other two when they came out.

-- Christo R.

A fantastic kit

This is a fantastic kit to get as a first project. All parts are not only included, but are also packaged in order and grouped. I still took the time to label everything for good measure, but it was completely unnecessary. Even with my quite embarrassing soldering level, I was able to get this functioning in one go. At the end of it all, I have an ornament, a completed DIY project, and an effect pedal I wouldn't have normally to play around with, all for a very reasonable price.

-- Gregg