A playable guitar "pedal", an ornament, a fun project kit, a conversation piece

Snowman Distortion Christmas Ornament Guitar Pedal Kit

So what exactly is this?

  • It's an ornament. This cute little guy with his light-up buttons and carrot nose will look at home on your Christmas tree.
  • It's a playable distortion / overdrive "pedal".
  • It's a kit you build (or prebuilt are available too).

How do I get one?

This is available pre-built, or as a DIY kit that you solder together.

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Instructions / How To

Using the Pedal

There's really only one non-obvious thing to be aware of: when your guitar cable is plugged in, the pedal is using power. Unplug it when you're not playing.

Build Documents

Instructions are written for the absolute beginner; This kit is perfect to dip your toe into the "DIY guitar pedal" waters.

Build Instructions: Snowman

Need Help?

Post to Reddit r/diypedals, the DIYstompboxes forum, or the Facebook Guitar Pedal Builders group. If I see any posts here I'll jump in and try to help.

You can also email me directly but you'll get a quicker response through those groups.

There are dozens of other DIY pedal communities as well, so of course you can seek help anywhere else.

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