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Great unique effect!

This pedal is really something special. I was looking for something a bit more "ambient" but I don't normally play that type of music so I needed something that could also do some less washy, ambient sounds as well. The harmonic tremolo is great especially in the...
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-- Matthew N.

( The Expanse )
The Expanse can transform what you know about Harmonic Tremolo Pedals

MAS Effects makes some inspirational pedals and I bought this primarily because I love when builders combine trem with reverb. This one exceeded my plans for the pedal. Running it...
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-- John D.

( The Expanse )
MAS Effects pedals ROCK!

The Mimirs Horn pedal is a swiss army knife of inspiring sounds. Need more flavor on your board? >>> Mimirs Horn is "Choose Your Own Adventure" fantastic! Sounds great on baritone guitars. Would purchase it again.

-- Todd P.

( Mimir's Horn )
A Super Fun Mini Project

This kit is incredibly well made and really easy to put together. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in getting into effects building. It's a fun, simple, and straightforward introduction to through-hole effect soldering.

-- Jeremy E.

( Playable Ornament Kits )
Sona rawks!

Fantastic fuzz that is super flexible for stacking and on it's own. So good I bought a second. Oh and I must mention very fair pricing. Highly recommended.

-- Aaron Cowan

( Sona Fuzz )
Fall in love with any setting

This thing does exactly what Mark says in the description... you can play with it for hours and just have fun with it. However the sound is so high fidelity that you can fall in love with any setting you find and just leave it where it is for your set list. It's really, really cool. It's...
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-- Michael B.

( The Expanse )

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