One Pedal, Endless Possibilities

Mimir's Well

Pedal Platform


The Opportunity

Many of your favorite pedals have nearly identical circuitry, with the only important difference being the patches running on their FV-1 audio DSPs (digital signal processors). We're not talking about cheap multi-effects units, but some of the most popular, high-end pedals out there (EQD, EHX, Walrus, Chase Bliss, and tons more).

Pedal companies obviously want you to buy multiple pedals, each running only a single patch. This creates a neat little niche in the market for something like this.

The Outcome

Mimir's Well is a very limited batch of expertly handcrafted pedals. It uses all of its hardware to run a single patch at a time, like your other favorite pedals that use the FV-1 (e.g. Dispatch Master, Rainbow Machine, Arp 87). Unlike those, though, it also holds 23 patches you can switch between. You customize your pedal by choosing from 163+ patches designed by amazing audio engineers and enthusastic members of the DIY pedal community.

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DIY Guitar Pedals

Kits and PCBs to make your own

If you like to make your own pedals, here are a couple of things you may enjoy:

Mimir's Well Partial Kit

Want to build your own Mimir's Well? This kit takes away some of the trickiest challenges of a complex, but fun and rewarding pedal build.

This and more in the DIY section the store...

The Tiniest Fuzz... the world never thought it needed

(and probably doesn't)

This is probably the world's smallest fuzz pedal, and a great opportunity to learn surface mount (SMD) soldering.

There's also a 3PDT-mounted version with some extra bells and whistles.

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