Sona Fuzz

Extreme, High Gain Fuzz Pedal with a Touch of Class

This Tone Queen gives you incredible tonal control with a switch to adjust the input filter, and a knob to pan between high and low pass filters on the output.



Sets the amount of gain, distortion, fuzz, sustain, or whatever you want to call it. Like with most fuzz pedals, it will interact with the volume knob of your guitar. e.g. roll back the guitar volume at low FUZZ levels to clean up the signal considerably.
Controls the overall output of the pedal.
Pans between cutting highs or lows.
Body Switch
Fattens or thins out the signal going into the pedal.
Soft-touch Foot Switch
Tap to switch between true bypass and engaged; Hold to temporarily bypass when engaged, or temporarily engage while bypassed.
Hold while connecting power to toggle whether the pedal will be engaged or bypassed whenever it's powered on.

Internal Controls

FUZZ Ceiling
Need MORE gain? This pedal has insane amounts of gain on tap, but a lot of people expect to be able to turn the knobs any which way (and all the way up) and have it sound great. This isn't unreasonable, but it's limiting. If you max out the gain, the pedal gets really noisy! So inside, on the lower right, is a blue and white trimmer that tames it.
Can be adjusted to give a gated, sputtery sound.

Technical Specificiations

Jack placement
Power supply
9V DC, 2.1mm center negative (not included).
No internal battery clip.
Power consumption
Relay switched true bypass


Sona Fuzz, like all MAS Effects pedals, is covered by a generous Forever Warranty. Follow this link for details.


The fuzz circuit this pedal is based on is one that's been floating and evolving in the DIY community for a very long time. Its exact evolution isn't precisely clear, but the primary contributers are:

  • Doug Hammond
  • Gus Smalley
  • Aron Nelson


These are just a few. See them all in our shop

So good I bought a second

Fantastic fuzz that is super flexible for stacking and on it's own. So good I bought a second, oh and I must mention very fair pricing. Highly recommended.

-- Aaron Cowan

Hot Fuzz and Hot Looks

Wonderful fuzz with a warm burn and sweet sustain. Pedal provides some interesting harmonics with a tone that's driving but smooth. And on top of that the finish and design is gorgeous.

-- Michael W.

Super versatile fuzz

I've had this for a couple months now and love it. I can get a huge variety of tones out of it, and I've just scratched the surface. I expect this will be on my board for a long time.

-- Matt C.

Love this pedal!

I just flat out love this pedal. It''s been on both my guitar and bass pedal board and the fuzz is amazing. High gain is really great too!

-- Corey D.

Very versatile

Awesome fuzz pedal. I could replace a few of my pedals by having this one! It's very versatile!!! Thanks a lot!!!

-- Ricardo H.

Great pedal

This pedal was my first purchase when coming back from a ten year gap in playing. Great texture in the distortion. I plan on getting more from MAS Effects after I pick up some looping options.

-- Nathan