Relay Bypass

True bypass... Hold to temporarily engage/bypass... Tiny 1590A footprint... Optocoupler muting

Typical 3PDT latching mechanical switches are noisy, hard to press, and prone to mechanical failure after repeated use. A controller board with a relay is a great alternative, and provides some other really great options you couldn't otherwise do.

This tiny and featureful relay bypass board can do a LOT.

  • Soft touch, momentary switches can toggle your DIY guitar pedal, using a relay to provide true bypass.
  • Quick tap to switch between engaged and bypass, or hold the footswitch to temporarily toggle until you release it
  • Fits easily in a tiny 1590A enclosure
  • Optional optocoupler muting can be enabled with a switch or jumper to mute any popping your circuit might exhibit while switching
  • Hold when powering on to toggle auto-on/auto-off
  • VERY cost effective. Shop now
  • Or for extreme DIY'ers, it's totally free and open source

Buy a Relay Bypass Kit or PCB

Already have one or want to learn more? You can visit the GitHub project page to find the schematic, code, gerber files, etc. Or download the Relay Bypass Build Documentation here.

Build Documentation (v1.4)
Build Documentation (v1.3)
Build Documentation (v1.2)