Relay Bypass

True bypass... Hold to temporarily engage/bypass... Tiny 1590A footprint... Optocoupler muting

Typical 3PDT latching mechanical switches are noisy, hard to press, and prone to mechanical failure after repeated use. A controller board with a relay is a great alternative, and provides some other really great options you couldn't otherwise do.

This tiny and featureful relay bypass board can do a LOT.

  • Soft touch, momentary switches can toggle your DIY guitar pedal, using a relay to provide true bypass.
  • Remembers whether your effect is bypassed or engaged, and next time you power up the pedal it will recall this setting. You can change to auto-on or auto-off by holding the switch while powering on.
  • Quick tap to switch between engaged and bypass, or hold the footswitch to temporarily toggle until you release it
  • Fits easily in a tiny 1590A enclosure
  • Optional optocoupler muting can be enabled with a switch or jumper to mute any popping your circuit might exhibit while switching
  • VERY cost effective. Shop now

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Want More Flexible Switching?

This kit is specifically geared for true bypass pedal switching. If you want a more general-purpose switching module check out our relay switch kit.

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