Desktop Slider Expression Pedal

Tweak your favorite settings from the comfort of your desktop, mic stand, or anywhere within reach

Desktop Slider Expression Pedal

Two Designs to choose from.

Available in either 100k (most common) or 10k (select pedals, e.g. Boss)

Plug this into any other pedal with an expression jack to get remote control of that pedal. NOTE: these sliders are to be manipulated by hand. Don't use your feet on them.

They are TRS (require stereo cable) and have a B100k potentiometer which works well with EQD, Strymon, EHX, Matthews Effects, and more. 10k is also available for Boss (and perhaps other) pedals. This expression pedal will not work well with Eventide, Line 6, or others that use TS cables.

Please check with your pedal's manual or manufacturer for compatibility before purchasing.