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About MAS Effects

MAS Effects has been making fun and unique guitar pedals and DIY parts since 2020. Feeling that the world doesn't need yet another company doing endless reissues of the same handful of circuits, Mark A. Stratman founded MAS Effects in Lockport, IL to focus on unmet niche needs, fun and quirky novelties, and opportunities to leverage his digital expertise for amazing new effects and DIY utilities. Popular offerings have included a spacey harmonic tremolo, a multi-patch DSP platform pedal, Christmas tree ornament "pedal" kits, budget hand-built "Illustrator Series" fuzzes, DIY relay bypass kits, and an expression/volume slider.

All pedals come with a forever warranty, and a liberal return policy. Customers (and window shoppers!) are routinely surprised and delighted at the personal attention they receive and we are committed to preserving this even through continued, rapid growth.

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Pronunciation? - I pronounce MAS as "mass" but don't mind "más" (as in "more") either. I inexplicably avoid the initialism, "M. A. S." though, despite it actually being based on initials.