Digital Relay Switch

Remotely switch 2+ poles... Hold to temporarily engage/bypass... Tiny 1590A footprint... and more

Typical latching mechanical switches are noisy, hard to press, and prone to mechanical failure after repeated use. A controller board with a relay is a great alternative, and provides some other really great options you couldn't otherwise do.

This tiny and featureful relay board can do a LOT.

  • Soft touch, momentary switches can toggle your DIY guitar pedal, using a relay to provide true bypass.
  • Remembers whether your effect is bypassed or engaged, and next time you power up the pedal it will recall this setting. You can change to auto-on or auto-off by holding the switch while powering on.
  • Quick tap to switch between engaged and bypass, or hold the footswitch to temporarily toggle until you release it
  • Fits easily in a tiny 1590A enclosure
  • VERY cost effective. Shop now

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Need True Bypass?

We have a specialized kit specifically for true bypass pedal switching. It automatically connects your board's input to GND when bypassed, and simplifies wiring with specific, applicable labels on the solder pads.

You can use this general-purpose switching module for true bypass, we just think the other is easier.

More Details...

Switch ANYTHING, not just pedal bypass.

Six pads give let you tap into the two switches of the DPDT relay, which you can control from anywhere with 2 wires leading to your momentary button or switch (normally-open). Need more than 2 switches? Use multiple kits with the same button or footswitch.

Powered by 6-12V. Switched signals are isolated from the power, so you can have noise-free operation.

Two LED pads let you control 2 LEDs (or a single common-cathode bi-color LED). Each pad can power a single LED with its 5V signal, or you can use them to control external transistors (not included) to drive bigger loads.

Complete kit includes PCB with pre-soldered SMD components. You just solder the included microcontroller and relay. Bring your own button or switch (not included by default), or add one here.

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