The Expanse

A harmonic tremolo pedal you can keep on Earth, or get lost in space

(Prototype Photo)
The Expanse by MAS Effects

This harmonic tremolo gives you a huge range of tonal possibilities. It can be used as a standalone tremolo, optionally with with some layered on reverb, or you can dial in some complex textured delays and feedback to create dreamy soundscapes. And of course you have everything inbetween.

This isn't a pedal you can simply set all the knobs to noon and start jamming, so be sure to check out the favorite settings below.

Coming soon (Late Summer or Early Fall, 2021)

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  • Expression jacks - Separate jacks let you control the Width or Velocity controls with any expression pedal, including the MAS Effects Desktop Expression Pedal.
  • Volume - Overall level of the pedal
  • Blend - Mixes from completely dry (clean) signal to completely wet (tremolo). DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this control, especially for typical day-to-day playing. A clockwise blend may make sense for rich ambient music, but don't leave it cranked-up all the time.
  • Outer Space - When off you get a harmonic tremolo with reverb. Turning it on introduces a complex delay with feedback along with the tremolo.
  • Warp Speed - Toggles between two ranges for the Velocity control. This gives you finer adjustments and greater control.
  • Width - Alters the sweeping range of the effect More details coming soon
  • Velocity - Alters the speend effect More details coming soon
  • Expanse - Controls how much spacey ambience is added to the effect. More details coming soon
  • Vast Expanse foot switch - holding this pushes the Expanse control beyond its limits, letting you accentuate parts, do swells, and more. The combination of the Expanse and Expanse Ceiling knobs will determine how far out this goes.
  • Expanse Ceiling (Unlabeled upper-right knob) - this controls how far out the Vast Expanse foot switch will take your sounds when you hold it down. It is highly interactive with the Expanse knob. When Expanse is set low, this needs to be turned further to have a dramatic effect, and when Expanse is cranked up, this will have a much greater impact.
  • Black hole foot switch - Switch between true bypass and engaged

Favorite Settings

Coming Soon