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Bank Builder

Bank Builder: Patch Selection

Mimir's Well:

Your Mimir's Well pedal is 23 pedals in one. You can even buy extra banks (only $1/patch) to expand your collection. It comes with 7 great built-in patches (click to view), and you can use this page to choose up to 16 more custom ones.

Feel free to pick more than 16, but just be sure to buy the extra bank(s) to hold them.

Other Pedals:

Buy an EEPROM for $6 (bank of 8 patches). This is a reduced cost since you don't need the display driver. These work great with almost any FV-1 based pedal. Try the PedalPCB Arachnid if you're looking for a typical circuit.

Simpler: Pre-built Banks

Email and tell me what sort of collection you'd like to see and I can put together some banks for you.


Even more banks

You can find even more patches by going to this master list:

Alternatively, if you find or make other patches you'd like added to your banks, that's not a problem.

Simply email and I'll use them when making your EEPROMs.

Burn your own EEPROMs

I've also posted some instructions to help you flash your own EEPROM banks:

MAS Favorites are pedals I especially enjoy playing, and are good safe bets within each category.

These aren't clickable since you already have them. Email me if you really want some of these on your banks though

Name Knob 1 Knob 2 Knob 3
{{}} {{p.controls[0]}} {{p.controls[1]}} {{p.controls[2]}}

Click to add to your bank(s)

Name Knob 1 Knob 2 Knob 3
Bank {{(i / 8) + 1}}
{{i % 8 + 1}}: {{}}
{{(8 - numSlotsLeft) + i}}:
Bank {{numBanks + 1}}
Add more patches if you need another bank


Copy the code and paste it into checkout when purchasing the Mimir's Well pedal, or extra banks.

You can also email this code to before or after you purchase.

  1. {{p.file}} | {{}}