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Foot Switch

LED Indicator

NOTE: LED placement and bezel hardware will vary

Ambient LEDs

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Hardware Upgrades



${{basePrice}} base price
included Illustration: {{chosenSticker.title}} by {{chosenSticker.artist}}
included Controls: No knobs. Internal volume trimmer. Maximized gain Gain knob. Internal volume trimmer Gain & Volume knobs
+ ${{chosenKnob.addonPrice}} Knob upgrade: {{chosenKnob.title}}
included Knobs: {{chosenKnob.title}}
included Foot switch nut/washer: {{chosenStomp.title}}
+ ${{ledPrice}} LED: {{led | capitalize}}
+ ${{chosenSticker.addonPrice}} Ambient LED: {{chosenSticker.addon}}
+ ${{jackUpgradePrice}} Premium Lumberg brand jacks
+ ${{footswitchUpgradePrice}} Ultra-premium "feather click" foot switch
+ ${{stickerPrice}} Sticker. (Proceeds added to illustrator's royalty)
$50 Deposit
${{total - 50}} Remaining balance, payable when pedal is complete (~1 to 5 days)

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When you click "Save" your pedal info will be sent to me ( If you make changes and save again, I will use your most recent save after you place an order

Next steps

  1. Make a $50 deposit
  2. 1-5 business days: I'll build your pedal then send you a photo and link to complete the purchase
  3. Pay the ${{total - 50}} balance when you're ready and I'll ship your pedal (it will arrive in 1-3 days in the US)